Know-how in the area of startups

My innovative and creative ideas for marketing & social media

As the founder and operator of websites on the topics of traveling and sport, as well as my blog in the field of psychology (theme "Understanding Narcissism" - "Narzissmus verstehen" www.narzissmusverstehen,de), I live out my creativity.

Besides exciting editorial texts, I also produce videos and pursue completely new paths, especially in the field of narcissism.

Passion for the trends in the area of digital health

My interest is in the international digital field. I am interested in new developments, and I am curious about the creative construction of broader developments in the future.

Trainee in the field of business development in the services area of healthcare

"AnyCare GmbH, A Company of the Thieme Publishing Group" in Stuttgart: development and implementation of an overall concept for the "Califit" nutrition and exercise program. Project management for the B-to-B area, targeting group health insurance funds, health insurance companies and businesses. My areas of expertise: process management, sales coordination, presentation and evaluation.

Study of health and social economics with a focus on hospital management

Degree: Graduate in Business Administration (University of Applied Sciences). (International) business plan activities during studies, with awards. Development of an e-marketing strategy in the clinical field within the framework of the final thesis.


Operator of three blogs and a YouTube channel, set up my own WordPress sites (including technical details).

Intercultural Competence

My travels in Asia, in particular, but also other parts of the world, have instilled me with a high level of social competence and enabled me to interact and work with people from a wide variety of cultures."