Startup Digital Healthcare & Businesses

Are you a startup or company in Digital Healthcare? Give yourself a "Check-up"

With a "Startup Check-up," I offer to founders and already established businesses in the area of Healthcare and Digital Health the possibility to have their own structures checked. I also take a look at the market situation. What can the others do well, and what can we do better? Where do we have the necessary edge to fill the appropriate market position?

Founders face a lot of questions. Last, but not least, is the very concrete question: "How do we lead our company to success?" Business plans can comprehensively assess the overall situation and potential outlook. In such business cases, I determine how the competition is set up, what challenges the industry brings with it, and what the general market conditions are. 

But it's not only the market and the company's own entrepreneurial skills that are decisive. Many founders lack the necessary background in the areas of healthcare and digital health – especially in the case of technical foundations. Additionally, it is important to know the (end customer) market and its dynamics. It doesn't hurt to have some medical knowledge, as well. So much the better if you can get expert support for all these questions. 

For successful market entry, I offer you a consultation that includes the following services:

  • Hands-on workshops: Discussion of the business idea, the assessment of projects, the scrutiny of sales channels, the consideration of distribution channels (B-to-B and B-to-C) for better customer positioning

  • Competition and market analyses

  • Mediation of contacts in the healthcare field

If you, as an established company, want to expand or improve your business, then my offer can also be useful to you.

Does a "Startup Check-up" sound like it makes sense for you? Or would you like to take a closer look at the market?

Contact me without obligation – on the phone, via Skype, or of course, directly in person – we'll see what best suits you.

Project management for your startup or established business in the healthcare field

If you, as a business in the healthcare field, are considering the need for support in the short-term: I am the project manager for you. I bring not only good ideas for your business processes, but also strong knowledge in the fields of healthcare and medicine. I have the uncomplicated, fluid thinking of successful startups and innovative companies, I am intercultural, and I speak English, as well as my native German. All of these abilities allow me to involve myself in the existing subject areas and to act quickly.

Are you looking for support for projects or business units in the form of interim management?

Contact me today – by phone, via Skype, or through an on-site appointment. I'll quickly get to work for you!