As a Manager at the Psychotherapeutenkammer Berlin (Chamber of Psychotherapists in Berlin), I have dealt with political and business issues.

I know the structures and processes of supply and the challenges facing the industry: whether it's the future of online coaching or bottlenecks.
My focuses were:

  • The monitoring of legislation at the state level 
  • Observing the market and informing members about the developments 
  • Interviews with members and working with the press 
  • Organization of events 
  • Support for the Executive Board and for management
  • Committees, project work and networking duties
  • Preparation of position papers and presentations
  • Business development for chamber services and interviews
  • Answering business-related questions, e.g., in budget planning

Medical knowledge through my completed professional training

I am a registered nurse and, therefore, have not only a knowledge of the systems, but also medical knowledge.

Interest in the subject of psychology

For many years, I have been interested in psychology. In particular, the topic of narcissism awakened my interest many years ago after attending a convention. I run a blog and a YouTube channel on "Understanding Narcissism" - "Narzissmus verstehen"
My goal: to inform about the serious topic of narcissism – in a way that can be understood by laypersons. All with international references.