Care policies: leading functions in a care association

"Verband Deutscher Alten- und Behindertenhilfe" (Association of Assistance for the Elderly and Disabled in Germany), the second largest association for private care in Germany. Here, I was a Speaker and Manager at the federal level, a leading position in the Berlin capital office:

  • Monitored legislative procedures at the federal level: participated in hearings, including as an expert in the Bundestag
  • Contract negotiations with the representatives of the health insurance companies at the federal level
  • Networking efforts: participated in events in the Berlin healthcare scene
  • Political networking and lobbying: expert talks and expert meetings
  • Internal and external project work
  • Contact person and coordinator for the employees of the German states (authorizing officer)
  • Health insurance: establishment of marketing services in the care sector

Marketing & market research in the care sector

"Spectrum|K GmbH": a service company founded by the health insurance fund companies based in Berlin. As Marketing/Market Research Officer, I have created new services for the care sector: 

  • Establishment of the marketing division with the head of marketing
  • Strategic, conceptual and operative (online) marketing for health insurance companies, including in the field of care
  • Establishment of an event series in the field of care
  • Creation of services for health insurance companies in the care sector

Vocational training as a certified nurse

The basis for my broad knowledge in the field of care and medicine is my completed professional training as a registered nurse. In addition to my academic training, I spent some time working in ambulatory care as a registered nurse. 

I know what it's like to work at the sickbed and in the field of care, not only theoretically, but also in everyday practice.