Health Insurance: innovative marketing services 

"Spectrum|K GmbH": a service company founded by some of the health insurance fund companies based in Berlin. As Marketing/Market Research Officer, I have created new services for the health insurance companies. My areas of expertise:

  • Establishment of the marketing division with the head of marketing
  • Strategic, conceptual, and operative (online) marketing for health insurance companies, such as care management, brand development, online services, market research
  • Establishment of services for health insurance companies; establishment of a portal for cooperation
  • Establishment of innovative events in the field of supply management and care at the management level
    • Establishment of (online) services for health insurance companies
    • Presentations in marketing


But I also know the "other side": As a trainee of a business development service provider, I have developed an "innovative telephone coaching" in the area of nutrition and exercise for health insurance members and distributed them to health insurance companies.

My project: As part of my project management, I developed the overall concept for the "Califit" nutrition and exercise program and then implemented it.

The target group for the product consisted of health insurance funds, health insurers, and companies.

My areas of responsibility: process management, project management, sales, presentations, evaluations.