Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Julia Schmoll, and I'm a consultant in the healthcare field with a headquarters in Berlin.

After receiving my nursing certification, I completed a business degree with a focus on hospital management. For the past 10 years, I've worked for numerous healthcare providers and gained a lot of experience that I want to share with you.

Among other positions, I was employed by a service company, a startup, a health insurance association, the psychotherapists' association and I was active in nursing. At both the federal and local levels, I know the structures and processes of healthcare not only theoretically, but also from my daily practice.

Furthermore, I've also worked for a startup in the healthcare field – and my interest in this topic has not left me ever since then. Added to this experience are my many successful social media activities.

I know both markets in Germany: the first market ("insurance market") and the second healthcare market ("ehealth" and consumer market) and think these market environments are closely networked. For this reason, I provide well-founded medical, business, and health-related expertise.