Digital Health

Digital Health Consulting: The eHealth market is rapidly developing.

Newly founded startups, in particular, determine this market. With their fresh and often groundbreaking ideas, the founders of new digital health concepts face a health system established over decades. Often, after an initial euphoria, disillusion spreads. It becomes clear: two different worlds meet here.

However, this discovery often comes too late for many digital health startups: the concepts are written that support the financial plans. Sales structures have been set up and time schedules were calculated.

The delay of progress – whether due to legal requirements or sequencing of the process within existing structures – increasingly devours time and money. This sometimes forces startups to their knees before they can even get going.

JM Digital Health Consulting

To avoid this discovery, I can support your company. I have worked in the anchored structures of the health care system over the last 10 years. In doing so, I have built up a broad range of knowledge from the association of health insurance funds, both about associations and services for insurances systems. I have participated in crafting laws, conducted negotiations at the federal level, and was an expert in the Bundestag.

But – and this is the special thing – I also know the startup scene. I've guided health care products from the initial idea to the market entry and was on the same side as today's startups. A company that has visionary ideas and wanted to sell it to the market. I am more than familiar with the hands-on mentality. In addition, I regularly attend conventions and events for the startup scene and participate in networking meetings. That's why I know about the challenges that need to be addressed.

JM Digital Consulting – Why?

In addition to my consulting work, I run my own blog in the Travel& Sports sector. I've also had success with a blog and YouTube channel on the subject of narcissism ( My site is one of the only sites in Germany that has an international approach, which is quite new in the German scene. You can see: I'm a lateral-thinker, love to create my own innovations and help to shape the future world. 

It is very easy for me to link the existing structures of the health care system and the ideas of startups, to put together proposals to successfully develop products, and to find new paths to establish them in the market. I also benefit from my medical background knowledge, which I acquired through my training as a nurse. Additionally, I rely on a very good network of partners with whom I cooperate.

What will the requirements of the future be? How can one reach customers and fulfill the customers' wishes?

I work with you to develop solutions. Here's a performance overview for you: