Investors I Accelerators I Incubators: with expertise to reach goals

Would you like to promote the ideas of young entrepreneurs and develop them in the short term or over a longer period? And do you prefer to invest in the healthcare market?

Sooner or later you'll face the problem of assessing a business idea in the healthcare market. Here, gut feeling alone is insufficient. Rather, a sound knowledge of the market environment is required. This requires medical knowledge, but it also – above all – requires an overview of the first and second healthcare markets. An understanding of international markets is essential – combined with the knowledge of the business background. I will show you potentially critical paths and develop appropriate solution scenarios. 

With my knowledge and skills I will help you with all the decisions you must make in the healthcare market. I enable you to: 

  • critically examine business ideas

  • assess the marketability of startups in the healthcare sector quickly and reliably

  • assess ideas with regards to their potential

  • establish contacts in the first healthcare market

Would you like my support as an expert, or do you "only" need an initial assessment? Please do not hesitate to contact me – via Skype, phone, or a meeting directly in your area.